Why this page?

Why this page … Because I’d like to share what I’ve learned in Africa with more people. Traveling through Africa as a volunteer I was afraid of malaria. I spent a long time looking for prevention or effective treatment, without side effects. In a book about Africa that I was reading, I found a name of a plant that cures malaria. So, at that point, I was looking for artemisia annua. And I finally found ANAMED – the first organization in the world to grow this plant for humanitarian purposes in areas affected by malaria. In 2013 in Mwanza ( Tanzania), I participated in a seminar – course organized by Anamed. I took the second course in Nairobi (Kenya) in 2014 where I learned what artemisia annua is, how to cure malaria, how to treat other diseases using tropical plants, and more. Today I’m not afraid of malaria anymore, I drink the infusion of artemisia every day and I prepare myself for the next trip to Africa – to learn more and share what I have already learned with local communities. I invite everybody interested in Africa, malaria, natural medicine and Artemisia Annua Anamed, in short, A-3, to read this page.