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ARTEMISIA ANNUA – anti-malaria plant sweep Nobel prize in medicine 2015

Chinese pharmacologist Youyou Tu developed key antimalarial drug artemisinin.

Tu, who won a Lasker prize in 2011, developed the antimalarial drug artemisinin in the late 1960s and 1970s. She is the first China-based scientist to win a science Nobel. “This certainly is fantastic news for China. We expect more to come in the future,” says Wei Yang, president of the nation’s main research-funding agency, the National Natural Science Foundation of China.
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Florida – insecticide use

Recently advertised mosquito killing systems include insecticide spray nozzles connected by tubing that is installed around lines and the perimeter of the house. The tubing is connected to a reservoir of insecticide (30 – 255 gallons); release of the insecticide is regulated by a timer. Some systems allow programming of the timer to spray up to 96 times per day and include an override system for the homeowner to use in between the present times if desired. Continue reading