Mosquitoes are two-winged flies that belong to the family Culicidae in the order Diptera. There are approximately 3,500 species of mosquitoes. The family Culicidae is divided into three subfamilies: Toxorhynchitinae, Anophelinae, and Culicinae. Worldwide, there are 37 genera of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes live in humid tropics and subtropics, warm moist climates, temperate and cool zones – everywhere except areas that are permanently frozen. Continue reading

Malaria – the vision and experience of Anamed

The background

In tropical countries malaria kills 1-2 milion people every year, particulary children. A recent report (March 2005) suggest that over 500 milion people are suffering from malaria today.

The economies of all malarial countries are adversely affected and people suffer more poerty because skilled people die, and malaria patients cannot cultivate their gardens.

Effective imported drugs are expensive, and are out of reach of the majority of the population of most countries. The situation has been exacerbated by the developing resistance of Plasmadia to cloroquine, and lack of funding for and availabilit of the artemisinincombination therapy (ACT) drugs. Continue reading

Florida – insecticide use

Recently advertised mosquito killing systems include insecticide spray nozzles connected by tubing that is installed around lines and the perimeter of the house. The tubing is connected to a reservoir of insecticide (30 – 255 gallons); release of the insecticide is regulated by a timer. Some systems allow programming of the timer to spray up to 96 times per day and include an override system for the homeowner to use in between the present times if desired. Continue reading